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It is always important to have your friend and family around, especially in these difficult times. Their support and company are important for happiness and overall wellbeing. Many studies are showing that strengthening the relationship with your loved ones, can help you live a longer life.

But, we are living…

The company leaders are the ones making the decisions, but the employees are the ones who make the wheel go ‘round.
They do the daily work necessary to make any company successful, and these employees do their best in the environment they’re in.

In the world, as we knew it…

We, as Connect Innovation, are totally aware of how life-changing this past year was and how many of you were forced to move their business online providing the best online solution for your employees, coworkers, students, etc.

To make that experience even easier for you, we prepared few key points

On-Premise Solution

What On-Premise solution can do for you?
If you deploy Adobe Connect behind your firewall and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure On-Premise Solution will give you complete control over how you set up and manage your environment.

Furthermore, it gives you

  • Control over usage and maintenance costs
  • Ability…

What Adobe Connect account administrators, hosts and participants need to know to plan their seamless HTML transition

What’s changing in Meeting launch workflow?
After Adobe Connect 11.2 upgrade, meetings will need to be in either Standard view or in Classic view only. …

Since we are starting a new year, it is a great time for new beginning.
That is why Connect Innovation reminds you once again, that it is time to say Goodbye to the Flash and welcome the HTML well prepared and ready.
As we already have mentioned, Adobe Flash reached it’s end-of-life…

Adobe Connect enables you to create rich digital training, webinars, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see our recorded webinars available on 4 languages.

Adobe Connect 11.2 is a major release providing a new meeting application, enhanced audio quality, improvements to key features, and greater accessibility.


We all come together in good times sharing soccer games, super bowls, birthdays, or graduations. But that’s nothing compared to how unanimously together we are during tough times. …

Connect Innovation proudly announces that Adobe Connect is a Cool Tool winner for 2020, winning “Best collaboration solution for Digital Learning“ on the EdTech Awards which are one of the largest recognition programs in all of the education technology and this year on their 10th anniversary, they continue to recognize…

The way we live, work, and collaborate has changed in this new world. We are spending much more time online sharing personal & enterprise confidential information in a virtual session. It has never been more important to know and ensure that your current collaboration solution is secure enough.

Ivona M.

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